The Journey

Every story has an outline of events which can be described as a series of facts about what happens in the story. However, this outline is not enough to make a great movie even if the facts are innovative and interesting. The true challenge of creating classic movies is to take that factual outline and give it emotional meaning. This is what my music serves to do. Although bringing the logical to the emotional, or the emotional to the logical is a trying and painful process, the resulting amalgam of score and picture is a brilliant piece of entertainment.

The addition of the score is essential for enhancing the emotional aspects of a film. Many of the best-known directors become highly involved with the scoring because they understand that music is a significant part of the emotional voice of the story. Accordingly, they want to make sure that all of the important nuances in all of the key moments are reflected in the music. What is it, though, that makes certain combinations of moments with music so magical? Sometimes there is an intersection of time, place, action and music that is so profound it is beyond speaking—a point where we lose ourselves in the wonder of the moment and become one with the story. The typical limits of existence are shed, and the mind is led to a created reality, more thrilling and intoxicating than the real world. These moments are not created by accident. Rather, they are created by highly skilled composers working carefully with the director. I have the talent to create such musical moments for your production.

For thousands of years, humans have escaped their grim reality, seeking a more sublime plane of existence in the heights of imagination. First it was through stories, then plays and songs, opera, and, most recently, film. Certainly there is an inalien-able need for most every person to escape, from time to time, to touch that which he or she cannot touch in every day life. It is not a stretch of truth to say that most people will pay any amount of money and will sell out any number of relationships to get this feeling of romantic escape. For some, mind-altering substances do the trick; for others it is sex; still others, artistic expression. The list goes on and on and on. But, as we see the genre of film reach its first centennial, there are less and less of these moments because, in part, of a lack of good scoring. Sadly, there came a time when the super-commercialization of feature film entertainment exchanged originality with the tried-and-true, rebelliousness with trendiness, and wonder with special effects. It was at this time that the magic of movie making began to wither.

Moments cannot be magical unless someone cares enough to bring the magic to those special moments. These are the moments which have the potential to take the audience member out of reality into a super-paradise, a place where all cares and worries are suspended, and the weary soul is uplifted. Yet, what does it take to bring the magic to the moment? What does it take to breathe musical life into the film? Simply stated, it takes caring. I know that it may seem odd to talk about caring in a business proposal, which is so often cold and staunch. Well, in this case it is necessary to break the rules, for good entertainment is the business of truly caring and of conveying a sense of caring. In creating, caring translates into works of entertainment that fulfill the basic human need to feel cared for; this need is what entertainment provides for and profits by.