MP3 Demo Cues

Here are several cues I have done for various projects. The intent of this selection is to exhibit flexibility and breadth. Whatever your project, I compose music that speaks to the story. I write not according to my musical tastes, but to the requirements of the project and those who manage it. All cues professionally mixed and mastered.


As Raindrops Fall
The Orchestra Project, 1995

Techno Potion
Perfect Imperfections, 2002

Dark Forces At Work
Avant Garde, 1999

Perfect Imperfections, 2003

Run, Run From the Curse
Persistence, 2002

In Memoriam
Persistence, 2002

Sin & Salvation
Little Valerie, 2003

Breakfast for Charlie
Excerpt from "The Kid," 1995

Jazzin' Johann
Bachian Extravaganza, 1995

Kyrie Eleison
The Common Repertory, 2002